Interactive Inc

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About Us

Interactive, Inc is a privately owned business consulting firm based in the heart of Houston. Our ultimate goal is to deliver creative and unique solutions to our diverse portfolio of clients to grow their customer base and continually grow their presence throughout the southwest region. Since opening our doors in 2013 we have been able to ensure a solid foundation for our team and branch management in order to ensure success in different markets.



At Interactive, Inc we offer our clients a wide variety of business solutions in order to target the desired client base. Our teams are trained across a wide variety of areas to be able to deliver comprehensive and timely solutions to any of the projects we are presented with.

Customized Campaigns

Our specialized team investigates and creates a strategy to target the individuals that would be most compatible with our clients products and services.

Furthermore they are cross-trained in placing these products in optimal outlets so our clients  can showcase their products in a efficient and effective manner

Account Management

At Interactive, Inc we believe in the individuality of each of our clients, therefore, we target every project in a client-specific way to provide the most up to date and precise manner.

With teams in place in the Accounts department we give a personalized effect to all of our clients. We expect top quality from our collaborators and have systems in place to ensure a timely reply to all of our clients.


Business Development

Our personal approach also transcends into the customers that we are contacting daily. With a forever changing digital era, we ensure a warm smile and a firm in every new market we are expanding to.


Our personalized approach and dedicated teams are exactly what your business needs to reach higher profits by successfully targeting your niche market. Throughout the years we have given our clients' the most optimal results with an unbeatable ROI.